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Forthcoming Studio

Specializing in design and creative direction, focusing on collaborations with architects, artists, writers, publishers, and cultural institutions—producing projects ranging from printed matter, such as books and ephemera, to identities, digital design, and more.
Previously: Aspen Art Museum, Urban Outfitters; Clients: Aspen Art Press, Kunsthall Zürich, CAM Houston, David Shelton Gallery, Archival Studies, CCS Bard, Columbus Printed Arts Center, MakingTimeisRad, Fjord Gallery, ULISES, Felt + Fat, Berman Art Museum, Interference Archive, University of Kentucky, Adidas, Moogfest, Alpha Industries, Nautica, Crush Fanzine, Cranbrook Art Academy, Cranbrook Art Museum; Collaborators: Endless Others, Pathh, Life of the Mind, Ikhoor/Ceremonious People. Artists: Cheryl Donegan, Nate Lowman, Gabriel Rico, Rashid Johnson, Seth Price, Rose Wylie. More Forthcoming Soon...
  1. MakingTime 09.28.2019 Invitation
  2. MakingTime 09.28.2019
  3. MAR–016: Repose Out of Fall
  4. MakingTime 10.26.2019
  5. Viewpoint Pamphlet 1: Gender and Capitalism
  6. 30 Posters at 4:20—Poster Commission
  7. Gentle Encounters with Things
  8. FJORD Lipsync Parade Poster 12.01.2018–01.12.2019
  9. FJORD Lipsync Parade Invitation 12.01.2018–01.12.2019
  10. CCS Recollection 1: THE NETLETTER
  11. CPAC Scroll Book
  12. CPAC Launch Manual
  13. CPAC CABF Overprinted
  14. CPAC CABF Launch
  15. CPAC Identity
  16. Cheryl Donegan: Grlz + Veils
  17. Coversations with Artists II
  18. Nate Lowman: Before and After
  19. Gabriel Rico: The Discipline of the Cave
  20. MakingTime 08.31.2019
  21. MakingTime 08.17.2019
  22. MakingTime 08.17.2019 Card Series
  23. TURN Effected Works, Ongoing
  24. TURN Pamphlet 7: Error
  25. TURN Tracks
  26. MakingTime 07.21.2019
  27. MakingTime 07.19.2019
  28. FJORD Other Bodies 06.14–07.28.2018
  29. FJORD Open Call 2019
  30. Phorm: Truth—Poster Commission
  31. TURN FullSizedRender
  32. TURN Detritus
  33. MakingTime 07.06.2019
  34. CSDW Collapsed
  35. FJORD After Cities Invitation 03.14–04.28.2019
  36. FJORD After Cities Poster Series 03.14–04.28.2019
  37. TURN Barriers
  38. MakingTime 04.26.2019 Poster
  39. MakingTime 04.26.2019 Flyer
  40. Seth Price: No Technique Gallery Guide
  41. Cheryl Donegan: GRLZ + VEILS Gallery Guide
  42. Zombies: Pay Attention! Gallery Guide
  43. Lost Without Your Rhythm Gallery Guide
  44. Jay DeFeo: The Ripple Effect Gallery Guide
  45. Yto Barrada: Klaatu Barrada Nikto Gallery Guide
  46. MakingTime 05.17.2019
  47. CSDW-2: PA_CO_IS_GR
  48. CSDW-1: Floral Part I
  49. CSDW-1: Floral Part II
  50. FJORD Incubator Poster Series 02.14.2019
  51. FJORD Incubator Invitation 02.14.2019
  52. FJORD Fever Dream 10.11.2018
  53. TURN Collected Works
  54. CPFC001
  55. Assumptions Proven, Flat Earth
  56. TURN Monoprints: A Selection...
 Turn /tern/—[Verb] 1: Move in a circular direction wholly or partly around an axis or point. 2: Move (something) so that it is in a different position in relation to its surroundings or its previous position. [Noun] 1: An act of moving something in a circular direction around an axis or point. 2: A change of direction when moving.